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Reduce their stress by arranging the daily living

When you are out, your cats may easily feel stress.  By providing the daily living, reduce their stress and let them spend as their usual days.

🍴 Food

Check their appetite and provide fresh food and water after washing their food & water bowls.

🚽Litter Box

Check their health condition by cleaning their litter box. Washing the litter box is manageable with additonal fee.

📹 WEB Camera Monitoring (additional fee)

This is an optional service.  We can monitor your cat by a web camera.

📰 Others

Checking your mail box, taking care of your plants, playing with your cats and brushing your cats.  There is no cost.

📜 Daily Report

Daily report will be sent to you via email or LINE to inform your cat condition.  We will decide how the report should be sent in our first meeting.

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