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Q:What can I expect from your service?

 We provide visits to your cats as regularly as you require, usually once or twice a day.  We will ensure there is enough food and fresh water.  We clean food and water bowls and the litter box daily.  Depending on your cats personality, we will play with and brush him/her.


Q:How does your cat sitting service work?

 When you send the form in this site, we will set up an initial meeting at your home and at our mutual convenience.  During the meeting, we will have you tell us all about your cats, personality, health, feeding, litter box behavior, likes and dislikes, favorite hiding places, vet information and so on.  This time allow you to decide if you are comfortable with us coming to your home and looking after your cats.  Unfortunately exact vising time can not be set but could be flexible like AM or PM visit.  We can provide the service by monitoring your cats via web camera based on your request. (additional charge).

Q: Where are your service area?

 Our immediate service area covers, Suginami-ku, Nakano-ku, Musashino-city, but for other area in Tokyo can be covered based on our discussion. 

Q:How far in advance should I contact to reserve your service?

 If you can contact as soon as you know you will need our service (especially during holidays) that would be ideal.  If you are a new client, we recommend you contact us at least 2-3 weeks in advance so we have time to schedule an initial meeting.  Please understand Japanese holiday weekends (Golden week, Obon season, Xmas and New year etc) book early and heavily. 


Q:Will you make visits to my home to look after my dog?
  We are sorry, but we do not look after dogs.

Q:I have cats who go out every day.  Is this OK?

 We are sorry, but we do not look after cats who go out.  We look after only indoor cats.

Q:What if my cat gets sick while I am away?

 We will inform you immediately when we find any problem on your cats.  In emergency situation and if we are not able to reach you, we will take him/her to your vet as we confirmed in our meeting. All of the cost at Vet and any transportation fee will be paid by you after your return.  By any chance, if the pre-advised vet is not available, we will take him/her to another vet near by.

Q:Can you provide medicine/eye drop to my cats?

 Yes, if your cat allows us to touch him/her.  We will ask you how you normally provide medicine/eye drop to him/her.

Q:What will be happened if cat sitter break my vase?

 If we break any of your belongings by our mistake, we will reimburse in the range of insurance.  However, any break happens when we were not in your house, it would not be covered.  During your absence, your cats may feel stress and get wild sometimes, so we will strongly recommend that you will place any precious goods or belongings to other locked room. 

Q:Our cat have some infection but can you look after him/her?

 We do not take care of cat who has any infection that could be transferred to human.  In case your cat have not received a vaccination, we may not able to provide our service. 

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