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CATSPOON provides your needs and arrange daily routine to your cats.

As cat lovers, CATSPOON understands cats are only comfortable with their daily living arrangement and routine, and they do not like these routines to be disrupted.

This is where CATSPOON can help.

What is Nekonospoon (CATSPOON)?
Catspoon provides professional services for taking care of your cats while you are away from home.  Catspoon comes to your home to feed and play with your cats.
Hi Everyone, my name is Yukie from CATSPOON.
We provide cat sitting services mainly in Suginami-ku, Nakano-ku and Musashino-city.
Just introducing myself, I am a professional pet sitter and living with 2 cats at the moment.  One of them is from a shelter.  I was always living with cats for over quarter of century.
I used to live in US, Hong Kong and Singapore so English conversation is not a problem.
For me, cats are family members.  In the past, I used the Pet Hotel for my cat during my trip, but it turned out my cat got really sick since he refused to eat due to the uncomfortableness in the different environment.  Through my experience, I have learned how important it is for cats to live in their usual homes.
I have started this business to give people an alternative pet-care solution.
I have obtained a professional pet sitter license and established CATSPOON.  I also have an experience volunteering at cat shelter by taking care of variety of cats.
I look forward to meeting with you and your cats.  My promise to you is that I will love and provide care for your cats.
If you have any question, pls use <Contact form> in a different page.
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